Congratulations - Your Journey Begins

No matter where you are on your family’s journey, make it a point to start documenting it now! It’s never to late, and it’s never too early. But even more importantly you should know, the time is also never perfect or just right. You will find that if you keep waiting for the stars to align before you finally get that family portrait you’ve always wanted, you just might miss it.

I personally love to go back through portraits and see the incredible physical changes that take place over the months and years. The above picture of the pregnancy stick, the bump, and then finally mom holding babe is an obvious example. But can you imagine the amount of change that takes place in a child’s life from newborn to one years old? From one years old to sixteen years old? It’s bitter sweet as it seems to happen in an instant. If you blink, you just might miss it. So let photography and family portraiture capture that story for you, to have forever, so you’ll never miss a beat.

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Congratulations – Your Journey Begins
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Your Portrait Journey 
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