About Us


We are Jenni, Chris, Jaxon, Juneau, Charlie and Caden; and our love for newborn and family portraiture began right here in our own family life.

Our Story

After meeting in the military, getting married and starting a family Chris and I soon found ourselves surrounded by four incredible kids who are full of life, but growing way too fast. As a photography enthusiast my entire life, I quickly pulled Chris into my world of photography while studying as a crime scene photographer. I had always wanted to be an investigator but as it usually happens, life quickly takes us in different directions than we planned for. My passion behind the lens soon turned to outdoor, nature and travel photography until of course having our first baby. I found that my focus naturally changed to documenting my own family and a new love for children’s portraiture was born; well, a new love of photographing my own children that is. I had been asked countless times to photograph families during our tour overseas, but just never felt equipped to capture people the way I knew they deserved to be portrayed. That all changed during Chris’s seventh military deployment. At this time we had two little ones, Jaxon and Juneau, and this would be Chris’s second time away from the kids. Although we had already faced many deployments, I suddenly felt a desperate urge for a family portrait before he left. We had just moved to Texas, and with all of my photography gear still in storage I felt a bit helpless knowing I couldn’t just grab a quick family picture before he left. So we found our nearest chain photography studio and had our portraits taken. I was happy to have the prints in my hand at the time since it was just two days before he would leave for a year, but in retrospect I was so very disappointed with the images and the experience, and I remember thinking that families deserved better memories than this. I was finally convinced that I had the ability to do just that. So I began growing my craft in portrait art and expanded to newborn portraiture when we moved to Northern Virginia. Since then, and over the past decade, my love for people and seeing them see themselves in portraits has grown exponentially. It is truly a passion for our family to help other families create little moments in time they can pass down through generations, essentially documenting Life, Love, and Legacy through portrait art.

Life. Love. Legacy

Documenting family life, love and legacy has been our passion since we began our own family, but a love for portrait and imagery has been a huge part of my family since I was child myself.